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  • Visit Quarry Brewing

    Visit Quarry Brewing

    In 2007 Quarry Brewing LLC, initiated a revival of Butte’s rich tradition of beercraft and hospitality. Chuck and Lyza Schnabel set out to brew and serve the highest quality handcrafted beers in a taproom with all the spirit and charm of your local pub. The community response was instant and

  • About the Spring Creeks: Armstrong’s, Nelson’s, DePuy’s, and Milesnick

    About the Spring Creeks: Armstrong’s, Nelson’s, DePuy’s, and Milesnick

    Each of these beautiful spring creeks has its own characteristics but they all share certain fabulous traits that combine to make them some of the finest trout waters in the country. All contain excellent numbers of wild trout; rainbows, browns and cutthroats, ranging in size from 13″ to 20.” These

  • Fishing in Livingston, Montana

    Fishing in Livingston, Montana

    The spring creeks are located six miles south of the town of Livingston (just off Highway 89) and fifty miles north of Gardiner, the Northern gateway to Yellowstone Park. There are numerous places to stay in the town of Livingston, both motels and B&B’s. We will help you find what

  • The Boulder River

    The Boulder River

    This beautiful freestone river flows through a magnificent valley south of the town of Big Timber. We have private access to what may well be the best section of this entire river. You won’t find crowds here, but you will find fish. Browns and rainbows are here in excellent numbers.

  • DePuy Spring Creek Fishing

    DePuy Spring Creek Fishing

    This creek is found to be some of the greatest spring creek waters in the USA. With over 3 miles of gorgeous waters located on a private ranch owned run by the DePuy family, this creek has some incredible nymph and dry fly fishing with a large range of diverse

  • Missouri River Fishing

    Missouri River Fishing

    Many consider this the finest tailwater in the country and it just may be the finest trout stream in the country–of any water type. The Missouri has the appearance of a massive spring creek and can, in many of its sections, be approached and fished as such. The river generates

  • The Yellowstone River

    The Yellowstone River

    The float down this marvelous river is simply gorgeous and the fishing can be excellent. Like all un-dammed freestone rivers, how good the fishing is has much to do with the water level, its temperature, and clarity. In mid May of 1999, the Mother’s Day caddis hatch offered some of

  • Armstrong Spring Creek

    Armstrong Spring Creek

    Armstrong is a beautiful gem of a spring creek. A little over a mile long and averaging about 80 feet wide and 3 feet in depth, the entire creek offers very easy wading and the ultimate in dry fly fishing. The creek flows perfectly clear the entire year with a

  • Top 10 Things to Do in Butte Montana

    Top 10 Things to Do in Butte Montana

    Once the largest city found west of the Mississippi, Butte is one of America’s historic mining towns. It has witnessed every stage of the mining industry, starting off as a simple camp and ending as a historic preservation site. If you have a chance to visit this architecturally diverse city,

  • World Museum of Mining

    World Museum of Mining

    This museum is located on the west side of Butte by the Montana Tech campus. In this museum, visitors will enjoy viewing the Hell Roarin’ Gulch exhibit, which is a replica of an 1890’s mining camp containing over 35 buildings. Authentic Butte artifacts are littered throughout the site. There is