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  • Visit Quarry Brewing

    Visit Quarry Brewing

    In 2007 Quarry Brewing LLC, initiated a revival of Butte’s rich tradition of beercraft and hospitality. Chuck and Lyza Schnabel set out to brew and serve the highest quality handcrafted beers in a taproom with all the spirit and charm of your local pub. The community response was instant and

  • Top 10 Things to Do in Butte Montana

    Top 10 Things to Do in Butte Montana

    Once the largest city found west of the Mississippi, Butte is one of America’s historic mining towns. It has witnessed every stage of the mining industry, starting off as a simple camp and ending as a historic preservation site. If you have a chance to visit this architecturally diverse city,

  • World Museum of Mining

    World Museum of Mining

    This museum is located on the west side of Butte by the Montana Tech campus. In this museum, visitors will enjoy viewing the Hell Roarin’ Gulch exhibit, which is a replica of an 1890’s mining camp containing over 35 buildings. Authentic Butte artifacts are littered throughout the site. There is

  • Mineral Museum

    Mineral Museum

    Over 1,300 mineral specimens can be viewed at the Mineral Museum. Visitors can also view live seismology charts being produced from active earthquake sites. Mineral Museum 1300 West Park Street Butte, Montana Phone: 406-496-4414 Website: http://www.mbmg.mtech.edu/museum/museum.asp

  • Piccadilly Museum

    Piccadilly Museum

    At the Piccadilly Museum of Transportation Memorabilia and Advertising Art you will find a facility full of transportation memorabilia culled from around the world. This includes subway memorabilia, highway markers, a vintage 1920’s service station, license plates, vintage cars, petroliana, and advertising art. Piccadilly Museum 20 West Broadway st Butte,

  • Mother Lode Theatre and Orphan Girl Theatre 

    Mother Lode Theatre and Orphan Girl Theatre 

    If you enjoy the performing arts, then you will want to take in a few shows at the Mother Lode or Orphan Girl theatres. The Butte Center for the Performing Arts restored these buildings to serve as a home for local and regional productions of music and theatre shows. They

  • Old Butte Historical Adventures

    Old Butte Historical Adventures

    Old Butte Historical Adventures - If you don’t mind walking, you can take a guided tour of some of Butte’s most notable buildings. See the wonderful architecture up close and learn about the remarkable history of each building. The tours take an average of one and a half hours and are a

  • Dumas Brothel Museum

    Dumas Brothel Museum

    The Dumas Brothel was the longest active brothel in the world. It was built in 1890 and sexual services were sold at the site up until 1982. It was one of the first buildings erected in the Red Light District that ran along Mercury Street, and it stands as the

  • Virginia City and Nevada City

    Virginia City and Nevada City

    Located 90 miles south of Butte, this historic town is where gold was first dug up in the 1860’s. Ride the steam train, fire trucks, and stagecoaches. Visit the museum and pan for gold yourself. Virginia City and Nevada City 300 Wallace Street Virginia City, Montana Phone: 406-843-5247 Website: http://www.virginiacitymt.com/

  • Big Hole National Battlefield

    Big Hole National Battlefield

    This is where the Battle of the Big Hole was fought in 1877. U.S. Regulars and volunteers fought the Nez Perce. This is located 75 miles southwest of Butte. Big Hole National Battlefield Beaverhead Montana Phone: 406-689-3155 Website: http://www.nps.gov/biho/index.htm