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Frequently Asked Questions about Butte and Montana

What is the population of Butte? and Montana?
The estimated population for 2004, based on 2000 US Census is Butte 34,606 and Montana 909,453.

What is the elevation of Butte?
Butte is 5,280 feel above sea level.

What is the average climate in Butte?
The average daytime temperature in January (winter) is 30º, while July (summer) is 80º.



Where can I get job listings?
There are several resources available to you online. The Montana Standard classified ads, the Butte Job Service or the Job Service Hotline at 406-494-0338.

When does hunting season start?
It depends on the animal and whether you will be bow hunting or rifle hunting. See the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks site for more information. Permits are required for any type of hunting and are available through several local sportsman’s stores or at the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks office at 1820 Meadowlark Lane, Butte, MT 59701 or 406-494-1953.

How much are fishing licenses?
Non-resident fishing licenses are available at varied prices depending on length of validity. Licenses are available at most fishing stores and sports stores. See the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks site for fishing regulations and updates.

Does Butte have a farmers market?
Yes! The farmers market runs every Saturday from June thru September. Please see the Events Calendar for dates and contact information.

What airlines service Butte?
Skywest and Horizon Air service Butte.

Butte is under which Time Zone?
U.S. Mountain Standard Time.

Where can I get a list of apartments available for rent?
We suggest contacting anyone of our realtors or apartment complexes listed in the Membership Directory, or by visiting the Montana Standard’s classified section.

What is there to do in Butte?
Please see our Attractions, Events, Museums, and Recreation pages to find out more information on what there is to do in Butte.

About Montana

How big is Montana?
Montana is the fourth largest state at 147,000 square miles.

What is Montana’s state flower? Bird? Animals? Nicknames?
The state flower is the Bitterroot, the bird is the Meadowlark, the animal is the grizzly bear and Montana is also called the “Treasure State” or “Big Sky Country.”

What two rivers begin in Montana?
The Columbia and the Missouri river both begin in Montana.