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About the Spring Creeks: Armstrong’s, Nelson’s, DePuy’s, and Milesnick

Each of these beautiful spring creeks has its own characteristics but they all share certain fabulous traits that combine to make them some of the finest trout waters in the country. All contain excellent numbers of wild trout; rainbows, browns and cutthroats, ranging in size from 13″ to 20.” These are some of the finest dry-fly and sight nymphing waters anywhere with prolific hatches of blue winged olives, PMD’s, Sulphurs, and midges along with terrestrials and a vast array of subsurface aquatic trout foods. The spring creeks are easily accessible and crystal clear with a virtually constant temperature and CFS. The fact that these fish of size are almost constantly feeding attracts fishers from around the world. These spring creek waters are perfect for both the ultra advanced and the very beginner. It has been said that one who has mastered the art of spring creek fly fishing is going to do well no matter where one fishes for trout. There is definitely truth in this. We strongly advise that your first time approach to these waters should be with an experienced spring creek guide.

Armstrong’s Spring Creek:
About one mile in length, ten rods allowed daily, perfect for the beginner to the advanced. Offers fabulous dry fly and sight nymphing. Call us early for guided rod reservations on this water for the summer months.

DePuy’s Spring Creek:
Three miles of absolutely beautiful trout stream with much diversity in water type. Allows sixteen rods per day, perfect for both beginner and advanced. For a pick between Armstrong’s and DePuys; flip a coin. They are both fabulous.



Nelson’s Spring Creek:
This is classic spring creek water. Holds big browns that will come up to dry’s. About a mile of very shallow, crystal clear water. Allows six rods per day. This water is more suited to an experienced fisher and we strongly recommend a guide who is very experienced with this particular water.

Milesnick Ranch Spring Creeks:
The ranch holds two different spring creeks as well as a branch of the Gallatin River. There are miles of water here and it’s common to not see another angler the entire day. This is wide open cattle and crop land located just north of Belview, about 20 miles from Livingston. Rainbows and browns of good size here and the dry fly fishing can be superb. Stealth on the approach and excellent casting skills are a must. This is advanced only water with a qualified spring creek guide.