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DePuy Spring Creek Fishing

This creek is found to be some of the greatest spring creek waters in the USA. With over 3 miles of gorgeous waters located on a private ranch owned run by the DePuy family, this creek has some incredible nymph and dry fly fishing with a large range of diverse waters from runs and classic spring creek stretches of flat and smooth water to riffles.

Unaffected by runoff and purely spring fed, this creek runs crystal clear the entire year with a mean temperature of fifty degrees. Rich in nutrients, the creek is a veritable food factory, serving a constant smorgasbord of mayflies, midges, scuds, snails and aquatic worms, plus a supply of ants, beetles and hoppers in warmer months.

Rainbows, browns and cutthroats in prolific numbers grow strong and healthy here with an average length of 13 to 17 inches.



This is ideal water for both the very beginning (with a good spring creek guide) to the super advanced fisher–the dry fly purist to the avid nympher. The constant and perfect clarity of the water offers exceptional opportunities for the sight nympher on no wind days.

Most of the water here is easily wadeable with an average depth of three feet and average width of eighty feet.

The creek is open year round and allows 16 rods per day. Most popular times to fish here are June, July and August, but not necessarily the best. Warm summer months can produce massive hatches of pale morning duns, sulphurs,tricos and midges. Baetis (blue winged olives), occur twice yearly, both spring and fall offering amazing fly fishing during low crowded times of the season. This gorgeous spring creek is a must for anyone remotely interested in spring creek fishing.