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Missouri River Fishing

Many consider this the finest tailwater in the country and it just may be the finest trout stream in the country–of any water type. The Missouri has the appearance of a massive spring creek and can, in many of its sections, be approached and fished as such.

The river generates an incredible abundance of trout food–the key to excellent fish numbers. Primarily rainbows, but a good population of browns as well. Average fish size is 13″ to 19″, but it is not uncommon to break the 20″ mark. These are super healthy fish with terrific strength and fighting power.

Great hatches of midges and blue winged olives can make for superb spring (pre-runoff) fishing.



Caddis, pale morning duns, tricos as well as hoppers and damsels are the main focus of trout here in the summer. The blue winged olives return in the fall. Hatches can be absolutely phenomenal, bringing up fish of real size in incredible numbers. This is a place that definitely should be included as part of your Montana trip.