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The Boulder River

This beautiful freestone river flows through a magnificent valley south of the town of Big Timber. We have private access to what may well be the best section of this entire river. You won’t find crowds here, but you will find fish.

Browns and rainbows are here in excellent numbers. It is very easy to get to this river–a short drive of 40 minutes from the Blue Winged Olive B & B in Livingston and you are on the edge of classic trout water for both dry fly and nymph fishing. Dry fly fishing here can be a blast. The fish are not big–size ranging 7″ to 15″–but what they lack in size, they make up for with their fighting power.

These are super healthy wild fish. And, if any kind of hatch is on at all–caddis, pale morning duns or green drakes–these fish show no reluctance to feed on the surface and are not choosy where patterns are concerned. No surface activity? Do the obvious with a prince nymph, hares ear, or pheasant tail. Or, if it’s late July or the hot days of August stay on top with hoppers, ants and beetles. Rod fees are $55 a day per person.